Great to be back!!!

After a 4+ year hiatus while I was working at Microsoft, I am back working at DemandTech Software, the company I started in 1998, as of the beginning of 2011.

My name is Mark B. Friedman. I am a professional software developer, author of several popular software products over the years, many of them tools used in computer performance analysis and capacity planning, including NTSMF, Performance Sentry, and the Performance Sentry PDB and Portal.

Before I go any further, let me express my utmost gratitude to Phil Henninge, Joanne Decker, Steve Campbell (and everyone else at DemandTech) who kept the company humming while I was AWOL. I was confident they would, of course, having taken steps to keep the business intact when I left Florida for the Redmond, WA area and the new job in October 2006. But the job they did exceeded my expectations — well done, guys. I am really, really proud of you, and also grateful for the manner in which you have welcomed this prodigal employee back into the fold.

Well, I think that is enough of that mushy stuff, though. Not my style at all.

While at Microsoft, I worked in the Developer Division, the part of the company that produces Visual Studio, the .NET Framework, and other developer tools. If you would like to catch up with some of the work I did there, you can check out the DevDiv performance engineering team blog I started in 2008 located at .

I just set up a new blog at, which is intended as both a continuation and extention of the old one at Microsoft. It is a place where I can ruminate on current topics of interest, and consolidate some older material that I have been stockpiling, possibly for an updated version of my Windows Performance Guide book. (I noticed recently that MS Press is no longer selling the Win2K3 Resource Kit, the original Win2K book is definitely its age, and there currently isn’t a suitable up-to-date replacement or substitute available.)

However, while there is definitely a need, I am not promising anything in the book department. (Writing a book is so time consuming!) Near term, I am quite busy helping to get the next version of Sentry and the Portal ready to ship, and reconnecting with our customers to figure out how we go forward from here.

In the meantime, if you want to touch base, please drop me a line at my old, familiar

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markf @ e-mail address.

It is great to be back.


— Mark

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