UKCMG 2013 – Mark Friedman’s Presentation from the session “Memory Management in Windows Guest Machines” is now available

Mark Friedman’s UKCMG 2013 presentation from the session titled “Memory Management in Windows Guest Machines” is now available for download.

Here is the abstract:

Windows machines running under virtualization are subject to memory management from two distinct sources. VMware manages the physical memory consumed by guest machines aggressively in order to minimize the memory footprint in order to increase the number of virtual machines that can be run on a single physical host. Significant memory savings are possible, for example, by sharing duplicate pages across similarly configured virtual machines. The second agent involved in memory management is the Windows Guest OS, which generally pursues a different goal; namely, minimizing page fault delays by aggressively caching older virtual memory pages in physical memory to avoid time-consuming paging operations to physical disk. How these two different memory management policies interact and potentially collide is the subject of this presentation. Results from several experiments where memory contention is introduced in the virtual environment are also presented, and the interpretation of the performance measurement data to monitor memory usage reported in both VMware and Windows are discussed.

You can download the presentation here.

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