Is Performance Sentry compatible with the Microsoft Cluster Server?

Yes. Microsoft Corp. defines a server “cluster” as a group of independent servers managed as a single system for higher availability, easier manageability and greater scalability. The minimum requirements for a server cluster, according to Microsoft, are (a) two servers connected by a network, (b) a method for each server to access the other’s disk data, and (c) special cluster software.

Running Performance Sentry under MS Cluster Server

To run Performance Sentry under a Windows cluster environment:

  1. Install the Performance Sentry Collection service in each member of the cluster. There is no need to define any Cluster Resource as a “Generic Application” or “Generic Service”. Performance Sentry will automatically begin to read all shared disks and resources defined by the owner of the cluster on the next collection interval when a failover occurs. MS Cluster Server is started as a service and it may take longer to start than other services in a cluster.

It is recommended that the Performance Sentry service starts after the MS Cluster Server is started so that Performance Sentry can “see” the presence of cluster share drives and logical disk in the respective nodes. This service dependency can be accomplished by adding a “DependOnService” registry value for the particular cluster server software under:


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