FAQ Categories

64 Bit Processors

Questions and answers in this category include the issues related to the development and operations of the Performance Sentry groups of applications under the 64-bit environment.

CPU – Processor

The CPU category covers questions related to performance issues about the Central Processing Unit.

Data Collection Set

This category includes questions related to all the Performance Metrics (Data Collection Sets DCS) that Performance Sentry can monitor.


This category is dedicated to questions and answers concerning Disk metrics and Disk Performance monitoring



Questions related to the monitoring of performance of the Memory on your system.

NTSMF – Collection Service

The questions in this category relate to issues with the Performance Sentry - NTSMF - Collection Service.

Performance Metrics

This category covers the metrics involved in the Data Collection Sets and also the parameters involved with the DCS's.

Performance Sentry

General questions about the suite of products under the Performance Sentry umbrella: a) PS NTSMF - Collection Service, b) PS Sentry Administration and c) PS Portal.

Performance Sentry Portal

Questions in this category related to the Performance Sentry Portal graphical tool of Performance Sentry.

Performance Sentry VM

Sentry Administration

The questions on this category relate to the Sentry Administration module of the Performance Sentry group of performance monitoring tools.

SMF Files

SQL Server


Windows Performance