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Will you please explain Cycle End Processing?

This discussion of Cycle End processing also considers the following subtopics: Processing multiple files Using ftp Summarization utility Historical files Using Windows Script Host (WSH) scripts At the end of each collection cycle, the Collection service closes the current collection file to make it available for processing. The end of a cycle normally is used […]

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Data Execution Prevention (DEP) details, issues, and options

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a relatively new feature of both Intel and AMD hardware that is supported beginning with Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 and Windows XP Service Pack 2. DEP is a set of related hardware and software features designed to make it more difficult for malicious programs to execute sensitive code […]

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Use DmPerfss.cfg to exclude Performance Library DLLs that cause collection problems

NTSMF version 2.4.6 and higher utilizes a facility that allows you to specifically exclude Performance Library DLLs that cause collection problems. Instructions to exclude specific Performance Library (Perflib) DLLs are contained in an optional configuration file named DmPerfss.cfg that is stored in the NTSMF root directory. The format of theDmPerfss.cfg file, which use a simple XML […]

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“Have you ever wondered how to determine the logical disk size looking at Performance Monitor performance metrics?”

It is easy, but requires some calculation. First, look at the logical disk object and add the ‘’% Free Space” and “Free Megabytes” counters to the Perfmon display. Then switch to ‘Report View’. Figure 1. Figure 1. Simply divide Free Megabytes by Free Space (remember this is a percentage, so the displayed value must be […]

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