Performance Sentry VM — Providing Professional Class Performance Data Collection in Your VMware Environment

NAPLES, FL, Jul 20, 2010 – Demand Technology Software, Inc., the creator of Performance Sentry® and NTSMF®, has announced the release of Performance Sentry VM™.

The Technical Details

  • Performance Sentry VM, runs as a service in Windows Server 2008, Vista or Windows 7, connecting directly to the ESX or ESXi host server.
  • Performance Sentry VM (PSVM) provides an open and efficient method of collecting and retaining VMware performance metrics as Windows performance objects and counters. Using APIs, it retrieves host and guest metrics, formatting them into Windows Performance objects and counters that can be viewed in Windows Perfmon.

The Benefits

One of the great benefits of Performance Sentry VM is the open nature of its design. By collecting VMware performance metrics directly from ESX server and converting those metrics to Windows performance objects and counters, the data collected by PSVM is available to any Windows Management Platform through either WMI or SNMP.

“We designed the product based upon the requirements of our existing customer base, but the open nature of the design makes it a valuable tool for anyone with a need to collect and retain VMware performance data” said Phil Henninge, president of Demand Technology Software.

“Existing VMware solutions do a great job of displaying basic performance metrics in real time and in limited historical reporting, but performance and capacity planning professionals need more detailed data to do their analysis. We believe that providing detailed VMware performance data in a Windows format is a great benefit to professionals who can leverage their current Windows management infrastructure for VMware reporting.”


Performance Sentry VM is currently available for evaluation at the Demand Technology Software website, Introductory pricing for PSVM begins at $195 per CPU core.

Resellers can obtain information on programs and pricing by calling 239-494-8162, or by e-mail: [email protected].

About Demand Technology Software, Inc.

Demand Technology Software is an industry leader in Server Performance Management and Capacity Planning, delivering innovative performance monitoring tools that keep large-scale server environments running smoothly.

For more information on Demand Technology, please see or call Joanne Decker at 239-494-8166.

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