What is Performance Sentry and how does it relate to NTSMF?

Performance Sentry was originally created as NTSMF. Demand Technology Software was founded in the early days of Windows NT by mainframe performance analysis and capacity planning professionals.  They recognized the need for capturing performance metrics on Windows NT in a fashion similar to the mainframe software called SMF (System Management Facility).  Thus, Windows NT SMF (NTSMF) was developed to fill the need of professionals to consistently gather robust Windows performance metrics for performance reporting, analysis, and capacity planning.

As Windows grew and became more robust, so did NTSMF and its capabilities to the point that it was no longer just a performance data collector, but a set of components built around the NTSMF data collection service.  NTSMF was rebranded as Performance SeNTry with the emphasis on ‘NT’.  With the arrival of Windows 2000 and especially Windows Server 2003, the emphasis on ‘NT’ was dropped and the software is now simply called ‘Performance Sentry’.

You’ll still see references to NTSMF in some of our program and folder descriptions in homage to our long history with Windows from its origins as ‘NT’ to its present versions of ‘Vista’ and ‘Server 2008’.


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